Strategy and Advisory Consulting

  • Senior advisor to chairman of the board and respective family trusts in one of the nation’s largest bankruptcies, resulting in dramatic stock-price appreciation using non-traditional strategy.
  • Senior advisor to business leaders facing difficult, high profile matters.
  • Senior Advisor to family businesses working through complex real estate transactions to reduce risk and position for success.
  • CRO for cloud based, SaaS start-up developer of contact management software featuring cutting edge double-byte information architecture and multilingual reporting.
  • Investigator for post-closing seller and partner improprieties.
  • Senior advisor to high net worth executives and their respective trusts, businesses and families with holding between $100 million to more than $1 billion.
  • Achieved succesful outcomes to government investigations.
  • Advisor on multifaceted assignments encompassing due diligence, governance, forensics, investigations, adverse outcome avoidance, strategy, finance, legal, restructuring, share-price improvement, culture/dysfunction issues and complex, time-sensitive matters.
  • Senior advisor to family business on international acquisitions.
  • Pioneered reverse logisitcs, procurement and delivery processes leading to significant bottom line, cash flow and service improvements.
  • Developed international strategy for NYSE company.
  • Engineered significant international joint ventures with UK food company and leading U.S. retailer.
  • Designed supply chain and transportation solutions for major box manufacturer.

Executive Management/Business Ownership

  • Acquired, owned, integrated and managed companies in distribution, remanufacturing, logistics and transportation.
  • Internally funded substantial revenue growth and acquisitions through innovative strategies and programs in customer service, delivery systems, purchasing, inventory/vendor management, billing and supply-chain management.
  • Assistant to the chairman of the board and CEO of NYSE foodservice company


  • Closed more than 20 acquisitions, financings and equity raises for public and private companies.
  • Negotiated numerous strategic deals and drafted significant contracts related to all types of corporate functions.
  • Performed due diligence on companies in supply chain, food foodservice, distribution, remanufacturing, logistics, automotive, real estate, toys, retail and transportation.
  • Managed complex relationships and transactions requiring critical analysis, structuring, negotiating and preparation of loans/financings; buy/sell agreements; key contracts with suppliers, customers, unions, employees and regulators; alternatives for business strategy, positioning and financings; business plans; forecasts; valuations and models/assumptions.

Antidote for Uncertainty

"The only source of knowledge is experience."
-Albert Einstein