Services For Leaders

Often a leader must confront diminished confidence, pent-up anger and/or isolation at the same time as dealing with a crisis or preparing to go to the next level. Leaders today are increasingly becoming targets of a wide range of antagonists. CSuite Advantage has the experience, imagination and intuition to successfully navigate through such complexities.

  • Executive Branding/Positioning
    • Create personalized brand.
    • Evaluate and build the leader's unique value proposition.
    • Formulate strategy behind executive's role in enhancing
      shareholder value.
    • Use successful track record to shape, reinforce and refine
      the executive brand.
  • Mojo Services
    • Gain or regain focus and success after a serious setback.
    • Transition from defense back to offense/growth.
    • Establish control in order to achieve the ultimate goal.
    • Transform leadership into action mode.
    • Position to succeed.
    • Communicate plans throughout the organization.
  • Wealth Protection Services
    • Determine vulnerabilities to "attack" from various audiences: governments, legal, shareholders, suppliers, customers, and media.
    • Establish proactive risk/liability profile to put clients in the best position to succeed.
    • Ensure board's governance documents match leader's objectives.
    • Turn vulnerabilities into opportunities.
    • Conduct forensic and eDiscovery investigation for needle-in-a-haystack issues.
    • Provide insular testing and peace of mind audits.
    • Assess level of guarantees - explicit and implicit - in terms of personal liability from suits by shareholders, debt owners and regulatory bodies.

Antidote for Uncertainty

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."