What We Do

CSuite Advantage helps leaders and their organizations monetize opportunity and meet their most pressing challenges. With its vast experience in business ownership, extrication management and transaction/share price services, CSuite is the catalyst for leaders and their organizations seeking a new direction, competitive separation and liquidity. We deliver magnetic leaders and solutions that others are drawn to and will firmly stand behind both now and in the future. 

Success Stories & Client Testimonials

  • Major REIT: As Senior Advisor to the Chairman and former CEO of a major REIT and his family’s investment trusts during bankruptcy, CSuite produced quantifiable, game changing results. CSuite was challenged by the client to provide the Blueprint for Success - a transformational strategy, plan and narrative to catapult the decimated stock price while ensuring minimal dilution to current equity. Seeing the misplaced value from day one, CSuite cut through the noise and devised a stock price strategy ($.54 to $18) that changed the dynamic and helped shape the outcome. The client was kind enough to say that: “If I would have spoken to David first, then neither myself nor my company would be where we are today” and “the significance of his advisory skills were critically important to me as I navigated through a difficult business environment”
  • Family Business ($100M+): Our client made significant investments in Florida CRE. The projects were underwater and fraught with major hardships and partnership dysfunction. CSuite was called in to investigate and lead the successful turnaround, which led to the client stating: “I thank you for your efforts in helping me to get my Florida projects back on track. You did a great job on getting me focused again.”
  • Major Box Manufacturer: The client had a problem. One of its plants was losing money with vast supply chain and on time delivery challenges. David Carmell was brought in to assess and turnaround. The turnaround succeeded due to: (1) leadership/employee buy-in, (2) client being freed to focus on core business and (3) union agreeing to outsourcing of CBU positions - drivers and warehouse. The plan - and its details with full transparency - was presented to the union and plant workers for discussion and vote, which was overwhelmingly approved.
  • CEO Clients & Investigations: Several CEO clients, internalizing their suspicions and concerns, turned to CSuite for clarity and solutions. In each case, CSuite examined the past to maximize future gain and limit liability. CSuite's actions led to: successful outcomes to government investigations and restoring stability/control by uncovering trauma stress points, fraud and/or seller/partner improprieties. One client remarked: “You are like radar. You have helped me to understand my rights and how to respond … you are helping me get there and I greatly appreciate it. We will prevail.”

Antidote for Uncertainty

"CSuite's edge is its uncanny ability to look at the same facts as everyone else and see something uniquely different."